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8 Best Guitar Solos of All the Time

There are several approaches to a fantastic guitar solo: You have two options: either you can shred for minutes on end and drop jaws, or you can execute a short, memorable piece that elevates an already amazing tune. This list of 8 unforgettable, earth-shaking guitar solos has both and everything in between; some are easy enough for you to learn with a little effort, while others you might never be able to duplicate.

We couldn’t leave out the many blues, jazz, and country musicians who taught the rockers their licks, even if rock music has some of the best guitar cables, from classic to alternative, rockabilly to prog.

1. Sweet Child O’ Mine – Slash’s performance

Easily one of the best rock guitar solos ever is found in the Guns N’ Roses song. You will quickly see yourself travelling along the American coast after listening to Sweet Child O’ Mine, with a valley of possibilities ahead of you and no problems in your mind.

You get the impression from Slash’s solo that you can become anyone or whatever you dare. The question “Where do we go now?” is asked again right after, which emphasizes this. The response? Everywhere.

Best Guitar Solos


  • Iconic guitar solos
  • Catchy riffs
  • Emotional depth
  • Improvisational feel


  • Overexposure

2.    Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

There are a lot of neat things in this solo that we may take note of. First of all, Brian May’s playing is incredibly lyrical throughout; you can always latch onto powerful melody lines. It’s also intriguing to see how this solo is performed. Brian uses a lot of string rakes and plays in a little careless manner. This method makes the notes feel a little looser while maintaining timing, giving the melody a highly vocal sense.

Additionally, there are a number of quickly selected runs that Brian performs in his typical “orchestral” manner.  Throughout, the solo remains in the C natural minor scale and utilizes the higher fretboard registers.

Use plenty of Brian’s signature quick vibrato when studying this solo, and don’t be scared to go deep into the notes.

Best Guitar Solos


  • Iconic vocal perfoarmance
  • Progressive song structure
  • Complex Arrangement


  • Difficult to replicate

3.    Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell – Walk

Guitar heroes found the 1990s to be an odd period, particularly in the world of the heavier rock genres. Guitar solos as a form of art started to be derided and seen as outdated.

Dime appeared out of nowhere (take that with a grain of salt) and played the guitar in a way that was completely original and had amazing technique. Despite the abundance of gifted guitarists in the metal underground, only Dimebag and Pantera were able to break through and become international celebrities.

His virtuosity, tremendous sense of melody, and ability to execute avant-garde guitar sections are all on full display in the solo found in Walk. Mr. Darrell continues to be regarded as a rock guitar legend, much imitated but never surpassed.

Best Guitar Solos


  • Energy and attitude
  • Headbanging groove
  • Guitar technique


  • Repetitive structure

4.    Jimi Hendrix, “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”

Even someone who isn’t a guitarist can tell, after hearing the opening chords of “Voodoo Child,” that Jimi has a unique style of playing the guitar. The wah-wah pedal produces an unsettling pattern of oscillating wah noises.

Although Hendrix and Eric Clapton were first introduced to the wah-wah pedal by Frank Zappa, it was Hendrix who popularized the effect. Jimi’s guitar creates his trademark feedback screech, which he popularized, by bringing his guitar close to his amplifiers, and he uses it throughout the song.

The solo is a shred masterclass that displays Jimi’s arsenal of effects, which contributed to his legendary status in the history of rock guitar.

Best Guitar Solos


  • Experimental sound
  • Emotional expression
  • Iconic Guitar solo


  • Complex Techniques

5.    Comfortably Numb: David Gilmour’s

The solos on “Comfortably Numb” by David Gilmour are masterworks. They capture the very emotions that the song is attempting to express, such as loss, melancholy, and survival, and they are so intensely felt that they strike you in the gut and cause your hair to stand on end. It’s difficult not to close your eyes and nod in awe at the sounds that Gilmour’s playing creates.

The melodic quality of Gilmour’s solos is crucial since they carry over the themes from the song’s verses and choruses and advance the plot toward its dramatic conclusion.

Best Guitar Solos


  • Expressive solo
  • Subtle technique
  • Musical storytelling


  •     Extended song length

6.    Stairway to Heaven- Jimmy page

Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven,” which is regarded by some as the greatest song of all time, also has one of the greatest guitar solos ever recorded. The track’s title is spot on since it perfectly captures the emotion you have when listening to Jimmy Page’s superb guitar performance.

You kind of wish you could hear this solo again for the first time. You’re never the same after because it just twists your perception of all the music you’ve ever heard in your life. One of the greatest feelings you will ever have as a human is when the solo in the song comes to a flawless peak and you feel completely satisfied.


  • Emotional depth
  • Complex Arrangement
  • Diverse guitar technique


  • Controversy

7.    “Canyons of Your Mind” by The Bonzo Dog Band

The majority of these guitar solos will leave you speechless; only this one will have you laughing aloud. Innes, the later songwriter of the timeless “Camelot Song” and other legendary Monty Python moments, delivers a solo of (intentionally) exquisite awfulness on this parody of a lounge ballad. It’s the kind of awful solo that only an exceptionally talented musician could have composed.

Best Guitar Solos


  • Light-hearted humour
  • Whimsical and playful


  • Limited Recognition

8.    Supertramp – Goodbye Stranger

Supertramp was not a guitar band, yet Roger Hodgson managed to seize a few memorable moments. The most unexpected one occurred at the end of their lovely pop tune with bandmate Rick Davies when he turned up the wah-wah and made the song into a powerful rocker.

Best Guitar Solos


  • Catchy melodies
  • Timeless quality
  • Lyrical depth


  • Subjective taste

In summary

That’s it, dear! The greatest guitar solos ever, in my opinion! This was not a simple assignment to complete. These are meant to be inspirational, effective, and indelible in your guitar-playing DNA for the duration of your life.

The good news is that learning to perform any of these solos will improve your guitar playing quickly, regardless of how skilled you are. Both in terms of content and technique!


Best Guitar solos: what makes them good?

Even though scale practice is useful when writing a guitar solo, the best solos are usually created through improvisation, which is frequently the result of feeling. This involves taking the melody and riffs of a song and fusing them into something that seems like a logical extension of those notes inside the song’s structure.

What qualities make a solo effective?

In a solo, a phrase usually builds to its climax at the end and then abruptly releases the tension as the phrase finishes. Additionally, the entire solo must have a distinct arch that culminates in a phase-like climax near the finish. It’s imperative to repeat (nearly all excellent solos use this element).

How does one define solo music?

Jazz and classical music frequently feature solos. A spontaneous tune played by one artist, such as a guitar solo, is referred to as a solo in popular music. A solo in the genre of country music is referred to as a ride

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