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Top 5 best Metal Guitars for you in 2023

The best metal guitars span a wide range of subgenres, styles, and general vibes, yet they all share the trait of being built for insanely heavy tones. This list includes everything from djent to grindcore to thrash, so there’s something for everyone.

First of all, we honour those who are about to rock! Second, when you browse the top best metal guitars available right now, we’re here to assist you in making an informed choice.

Who says ugly machinery made of heavy metal cannot be beautiful? The electric guitars on this list range widely, from budget-friendly models to exquisite instruments suitable for experienced players. The top best metal guitars, spanning a variety of price points and features, are shown below.

Top 5 best Metal Guitars

1.     Gibson Flying V

The Gibson Flying V is the guitar most people associate with heavy metal the most. The Flying V has been a mainstay of axe-slingers’ arsenals worldwide for a considerable amount of time thanks to its timeless design, mahogany body, and slim, fast-playing neck (which includes a gorgeous rosewood fingerboard).

The Flying V has been a beloved instrument for more than 50 years, and the Burstbucker humbucker pickups contribute to capturing that vintage Gibson tone. This guitar is the greatest and best metal guitar available right now for all the reasons listed above.


  • Timeless design
  • Slim mahogany body
  • Fast playing neck

best metal guitars


  • Comfortable playability
  • Gibson humbuckers
  • Tonal versatility
  • Excellent sustain


  • Limited body contact
  • expensive

2.     Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster

The first of the Slipknot axe-slinger’s signature models to come with his own unique set of EMG pickups is the Jim Root Jazzmaster. The Jim Root Daemonum humbuckers were created to provide him with all the features he cherished from the legendary EMG 81/60 combo, along with the further advantages of more retro-styled Retro Active pickups.

A mahogany body and straightforward yet sturdy hardware mean that the Jim Root Jazzmaster is built like a tank, ready to handle even the most aggressive metal riffs. The Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster is among the best metal guitars available if you’re not a fan of Slipknot but still want a dependable instrument that plays well, can handle really heavy tones, and looks simple and classic. It’s also not obviously someone’s signature guitar.


  • Straightforward mahogany body
  • Classic and simple
  • Dependable instrument

best metal guitars


  • High-quality build
  • Minimalist design
  • Comfortable playability
  • Hardtail bridge


  • Heavyweight
  • Signature model


3.     Chapman ML1 Baritone

A baritone guitar can be your best bet if you want the harsh low end of metal without having to mess around with extended range and multi-scale instruments. You can achieve quick leads and really chunky riffing on the Chapman ML1 Baritone, and you can still play open chords when necessary.

Since we’ve had an ML1 for a few years, it takes some getting used to the long scale. The first five frets on this guitar may seem intimidating to players with tiny hands, but as you get used to it, it becomes incredibly inspirational. Pitch down for more weight, and you can still play all your standard chords and scales from a six-string.

Because the pickups are spoken in the progressive metal genre, you can still get clean, gorgeous voices while getting those tight, djent-style chugs. The tone knob’s coil-split option, which is activated by a push-pull, considerably expands the tonality options. You can have a versatile and dependable gigging guitar by adding a set of locking tuners.


  • Mahogany body
  • Thin C neck profile
  • Solid connection between neck and body
  • Reliable hardware
  • String through body design

best metal guitars


  • Pickup options
  • Build quality
  • Design and aesthetic
  • Versatility


  • Learning curves


4. Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR-S

Sincere must say, I was tempted to stop this inclusion there because any instrument with the name Hellraiser is unquestionably a valuable addition to any list of the top metal guitars. The Hellraiser is just one of several best metal guitars that Schecter has produced throughout the years.

With 24 extra-jumbo frets, its distinctive “ultra access” heel carve provides excellent access to the instrument’s upper register.

In addition to its Sustainiac/EMG combination pickups, which have a unique sustain circuit that produces electromagnetic feedback that lasts as long as you want it to, the Floyd Rose 1000 Series Tremolo bridge offers dependable stability. The Hellraiser is a shredder, to put it simply.


  • Mahogany body and neck
  • Active EMG pickups
  • Double-locking tremolo system
  • High-quality tuners

best metal guitars


  • versatility
  • Active pickups
  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Sustainiac pickup


  • Complex Setup


5. EVH Wolfgang Standard

The redesigned EVH Wolfgang Standard Series is a rather safe pick if you’re searching for one of the top reasonably priced metal guitars and want to stay away from anything too pointed and necro-style. Although it can play a range of styles, you can be sure it plays quickly and smoothly because Mr. Van Halen’s initials are on the headstock.

The Wolfgang features a basswood body, a bolt-on roasted maple neck, and an in-vogue 12″–16″ compound radius fingerboard. In the end, the Wolfgang has a subtle, inviting ergonomic quality that made it difficult for us to put down during testing.

It features two reasonably hot Wolfgang humbuckers that should withstand the crazy world of metal, as well as an EVH-branded Floyd Rose Special double-locking tremolo for nailing harmonics and divebombing them.


  • Basswood body
  • Roasted maple neck
  • Two wolfgang humbuckers

best metal guitars


  • High-Quality build
  • Playability
  • Signature features
  • Floyd Rose Tremolo


  • Expensive
  • Limited finish options


Buyer’s Guide to the Best Metal Guitars

It’s crucial to seek certain elements in a guitar when purchasing one to perform metal music in order to get the aggressive and strong sound that defines the genre.

When purchasing the best metal guitar, some important features that buyers consider are as follows:

Body Composition

When playing metal, a solid-body guitar is preferred because it can handle high levels of distortion and volume without giving off unwanted feedback.

Humbucker Guitars

Metal guitars frequently use humbucking pickups because of their ability to reduce unwanted noise and hum while producing strong output and sustain.

Passive pickups can produce a nice, aggressive, and gritty sound, but you won’t see them on guitars in this genre very often.

Fast & Furious

Playing fast and intricate metal riffs requires rapid and precise fretting, which is made possible by a fast and narrow neck.

The distance between the strings and the fretboard, or low action, influences how simple it is to play quick and intricate riffs.


As with all aspects of music-making, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It’s crucial to follow your gut and test out a variety of best metal guitars before selecting the right one for you.

It’s advisable to take the time to play these instruments before making an investment, regardless of your preference for classic beauty like the Gibson Flying V or letting your inner Van Halen loose with the EVH Wolfgang Standard.


What kind of metal guitar should I purchase?

Your money, skill level, and personal tastes will all play a role in this.
Solid-body electric guitars, extended-range guitars (such as 7- or 8-string guitars), and aesthetically hefty metal guitars (like V-shaped guitars) are a few common varieties of best metal guitars.
Jackson, ESP, Ibanez, Schecter, Gibson, and Dean are a few well-known brands. There are different brands available, too, so it’s crucial to pick a guitar that complements your playing style and personal tastes.

What qualities ought a metal guitar have?

When purchasing the best metal guitar, there are a few important things to take into account: the guitar’s build and material quality; its tone and sound; the ease of playability and fretboard feel; and its appearance and style.

Which kind of strings are appropriate for a metal guitar?

The tone and playability of your best metal guitar can also be influenced by the strings you select. Heavy gauge strings (.011 or 012 gauge) are preferred by many metal guitarists because they can produce a richer sound and better sustain.

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