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Best Guitar Capo for You in 2023: A Complete Guide

If you ask any guitar player what their most useful tool is, the capo may come up a few times. Particularly those who enjoy playing an acoustic guitar. Sometimes, the gear discussion table revolves around the unglamorous topic of the best guitar capo. These little devices are neither as pricey nor as gimmicky as some other guitar accessories, but they open up a whole new range of tones for your playing.

The finest guitar capo functions in the same way as the original models, and they are nearly as old as the guitar itself. For nearly three centuries, these gadgets have allowed guitarists to switch keys without retraining their instruments.

Since the first versions, the best guitar capo has evolved significantly. Different styles and technology are now used to get the ideal tone. We’ll be examining the top 5 capos available in this post.

What is a Guitar Capo?

The best guitar capo is a little but powerful guitar accessory that raises the pitch of the open strings when it is installed on the fretboard.  The gadget takes your guitar nut and pushes it up the fretboard by clamping down on your strings at the fret you mount it on. Thus, if you install a capo at the fifth fret while using normal tuning, your open strings will be A, D, G, C, E, and A.

Top 5 Best Guitar Capos

1.     D’Addario NS Artist Capo

The D’Addario NS Artist capo is the first item on our list. With the adjustable tension feature on this best guitar capo, you can precisely modify the pressure on your strings without having to retune them. Because it is composed of lightweight aluminum, this capo won’t weigh you down.

For rapid and simple use, Ned Steinberger’s design incorporates Artist geometry. No matter your guitar’s neck profile, the NS Artist’s design equally distributes tension over all six strings to eliminate lateral string pull. Best feature? Because of its built-in pick holder, you can always have an extra plectrum handy.


  • composed of thin aluminum
  • Design by Ned Steinberger
  • Adaptable tightness
Best Guitar Capo


  • One-handed use.
  • Pressure that can be changed for each string.


  • Not any

2.     G7TH Performance 3

The G7th Performance 3 is a fantastic capo that meets every requirement. Do you recall when we discussed fretboard radius? The best guitar capo from G7th is made to adjust to the fretboard radius of your guitar. Their proprietary Adaptive Radius Technology, developed over years of study and feedback, enables the string pad to precisely transmit the right amount of tension to each string: more on the thinner higher strings and less on the thicker lower strings.

Additionally, the G7th Performance 3 is one-handed operable. The capo’s simple squeeze-to-release mechanism allows you to effortlessly attach and detach it while using just one hand to move it up and down the fretboard.


  • silicon padding,
  • zinc alloy construction,
  • Adaptive radius technology.
Best Guitar Capo


  • Easily and rapidly adjustable with its unique tension control
  • Stress-free
  • enjoyable playing experience


  • Quite an expensive capo

3.     Axis Capo by Ernie Ball

Axis capos are one of the best guitar capos.  Need to quickly and independently put on or take off your capo? A spring-loaded design that just clamps on without requiring any pre- or post-tuning is what you’ll need. Because of this, the dual radius design of the Axis Capo makes it perfect for six- and seven-string models with flat or curved fretboards.

It conveniently pegs onto your headstock when not in use and comes in two colors: gold and bronze ($16.99) and black and silver.


  • high-quality clamping spring for effortless and rapid use
  • dual-radius construction suitable for both flat and curved fretboards
  • A great axis capo from a reliable supplier that gives you the confidence to alter your keys Confidently
Best Guitar Capo


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable


  • Some customers have reported tension spring problems over time.

4.     Spider Capo

Is this capo possibly the most creatively stimulating of all? The Spider Capo was introduced in 2009 and stands out from other capos with its spikey appearance and unique performance. It gives you the ability to capo each string separately, which opens up an incredible range of creative possibilities in various tunings and positions.

The possibilities are further expanded when you realize that you can play common chords above the Spider Capo and then get inventive below it to create new chords and include open strings into melodies that you may experiment with and utilize in your compositions. This is one of the best guitar capo to consider.


  • Selective string fretting
  • Customizable tuning
  • Partial capoing
  • Unconventional chord options
Best Guitar Capo


  • Refreshing for inexperienced guitarists
  • Flexible instrument.
  • Excellent tonal options.


  • Not the ideal choice for usage as a regular capo

5.     G7th Newport Capo

Another best guitar capo that lets you adjust the tension is the G7th Newport, a low-profile, lightweight capo that works well in various settings. Its quick-release, hidden flip lever design makes it simple to connect and remove the capo.


  • Adaptive radius Technology
  • Easy-one handed operations
  • Spring-loaded clamping mechanism.
  • Low-profile design
Best Guitar Capo


  • Provides adjustable screws to regulate the tension on the neck of your guitar;
  • Suitable for a seamless and effortless performance;
  • Facilitates quick switching between multiple guitar chords.


  • Expensive compared to other brands


Selecting the best guitar capo for your playing style and preferences can have a significant impact. It might lessen the strain on your fingertips and increase the enjoyment of playing. You may produce new sounds, which greatly simplify key changes and music arrangement.

Examine all the options that may influence your choice before settling on the ideal acoustic capo for you. Are you seeking comfort or something more useful? Do you have a flat or curved guitar? What is your guitar’s string spacing?

With any luck, this information will help you choose the best guitar capo! Have you already made a decision? Please leave a remark below if you would like to communicate with us!


What is the ideal capo for an acoustic guitar?

The best guitar capo for acoustic guitars is the Shubb S1 Guitar Capo, in our opinion. When set up correctly, this traditional capo will keep your guitar in perfect tuning. In addition, it is composed of durable materials that will not deteriorate over time.

What capo is ideal for beginners?

A capo may or may not be necessary for beginners, depending on their ability level. Playing can be facilitated, and new chords can be explored with the aid of a good capo. So, the best choice for novices is a simple, reasonably priced capo.

Is it possible to utilize the same guitar capo on an acoustic and electric guitar?

In general, basic six-string electric and acoustic guitars can be equipped with the same guitar capo. To prevent becoming sharp, more caution should be used when using the best guitar capo on an electric guitar. Guitar capos are very helpful for beginning players who don’t yet have a firm grasp of barre and power chords.

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