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Top 5 best electric guitars for you 2023 

The task of choosing the best electric guitars on the market right now is enormous. The alternatives available to us brave guitar players are expanding along with the instrument’s growing popularity.

It can be challenging and exhilarating to find the best electric guitar. The subjective nature of the phrase “best” means different things to different individuals, which adds to the difficulty of the task at hand and the task of compiling this guide. The best electric guitar can mean different things to different players. For some, it’s a straightforward, practical instrument, while for others, it’s a lavishly painted instrument with every imaginable technology.

We’ll be showcasing our picks for the best electric guitars available right now in this round-up. This product list ensures that you obtain the ideal and best electric guitar for your needs by covering a wide range of price points, musical styles, and skill levels.

1.     Squier Bullet Mustang

There are several factors to take into account when selecting the best electric guitar for a child. For smaller shoulders to be able to handle it, the guitar itself needs to be rather light. Small hands should be able to play it easily, and the neck should be the right size. It also has to look well. Because, let’s be honest, at that age, a guitar’s aesthetic appeal probably outweighs its range of tones.

While there are a few dedicated little guitars available, we’ve chosen a full-sized, well-equipped, and reasonably priced model. Because of its basswood body and somewhat shorter scale length, the Squier Bullet Mustang is an easy guitar to handle.

Most crucially, though, is that its two humbuckers make it capable of matching the majority of adult guitars. Furthermore, it is among the most fierce Squier guitars we have played in a very long time.

Feature of Squier Bullet Mustang

  • Bullet Mustang Squier HH Features include:
  • Two humbucking pickups for a hot, crunchy, rocking tone;
  • A 24-inch scale length for smaller hands and easy action;
  • A lightweight, playable offset poplar body;
  • A C-shaped maple neck with an Indian laurel fingerboard for great playability and response.
best electric guitars


  • Playability for all
  • Short-scale necks are ideal for small persons.
  • Squier is known for its high calibre.
  • The pickups are remarkably well-built.


  • Perhaps a little too small for somenctionality requires an app

2. Fender Player Stratocaster:

Although it may be more affordable to purchase a Strat from Fender’s still-respected cadet brand Squier, the Fender Player is a significant upgrade over its less expensive cousin thanks to its premium parts, exquisite craftsmanship, and well-considered ergonomics. All things considered, this is a great deal that brings you one step closer to professional guitars.

Playing the Fender Player Stratocaster guitar is a joy in addition to its fantastic tone. For players of all skill levels, its C-shaped maple neck provides comfort in all thumb positions, making it an enjoyable instrument. Fender Player Stratocaster is one of the best electric guitars.

Features of Fender Player Stratocaster:

  • Glossy finish on an older body.
  • Stratocaster single-coil pickups from the Three Player Series.
  • A neck profile styled like a “Modern C”.
  • Fingerboard with 9.5″ radius.
  • A two-point tremolo bridge with saddles made of bent steel.
best electric guitars


  • Superior audio quality
  • Adaptable to various playing styles and genres
  • Comfortable to play


  • A comparatively entry-level model from the Fender lineup

3. Pacifica Yamaha PAC112V

You can feel the spirit of thoughtful, high-quality design in every note played on the Yamaha PAC112V Pacifica’s rosewood fingerboard. The PAC112V is loaded with Yamaha’s esteemed legacy of electronic innovation. Its sleek form factor and natural finish complement the tonal flexibility of its HSS configuration, which is equipped with Alnico V single-coil and humbucking pickups.

Even better, a push-pull tone knob allows you to divide the humbuckers, adding even more precise articulation to your sound. The instrument’s 13-3/4-inch fingerboard radius, 25-1/2-inch scale, and sleek, C-shaped maple neck provide you with the tools you need to move from strong rockin’ to softly smooth tonal regions! This is also the best electric guitar to consider.

Features of the Yamaha PAC112V Pacifica Electric Guitar include:

  • Easy to play, lightweight alder-body design suitable for beginning players
  • A smooth, C-shaped maple neck and rosewood fingerboard that provide instant playability
  • Three adjustable pickups that allow you to achieve a wide range of tones, from crisp highs to punchy midrange to low-end growl.
  • There are numerous possibilities for shaping tone with the 5-position blade, push/pull master tone, and master volume.
best electric guitars


  • Well-suited C-shaped neck for effortless playing
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Able to produce a wide range of tones thanks to the pickup arrangement


  • Nothing to mention at this pricing range!

4. Gibson Electric Guitars

Gibson is a well-known manufacturer of guitars known for their exquisite craftsmanship and use of top-notch materials. The business is proud of the attention to detail it puts into making instruments that generate rich, resonant tones, using premium tonewoods and components.

This venerable brand’s guitars are renowned for having rich, full-bodied tones that are frequently heavier. Many musicians find their unique sound appealing, particularly those who perform in genres such as jazz, blues, and rock.

There is a drawback, despite the fact that Gibson is among the greatest and best electric guitar companies ever. Gibson guitars are frequently out of reach for many people due to their high price.

Features of Gibson Electric Guitars

  • A mahogany set-in neck with a rosewood fretboard,
  • Two pickups with independent volume and tone controls,
  • A stop tail bridge,
  • A solid mahogany body with a carved maple top and single cutaway are the standard features, however, variations do exist.
best electric guitars


  • Extremely cozy for sitting and standing
  • Excellent grip
  • Extremely adaptable


  • At this price range, none to speak of!


This style of guitar is perfect if you wish to get the best electric guitar. Two humbucking pickups and a single-coil pickup are included. It lets you provide the greatest performance possible on stage.

This guitar is for musicians who want a well-functioning instrument that is sensitive and fluid. This affordable, multipurpose electric guitar provides an amazing musical experience. This guitar has a fashionable twist thanks to the translucent green burst finish. The poplar body of the guitar is handcrafted, and a Quilted Maple Art Grain top adorns it.

The maple neck of Ibanez’s new best electric guitar showcases a fingerboard made of treated New Zealand Pine with white dot inlays. The player can enjoy plenty of comfort thanks to the low-profile bridge. The action is set to low by default. On the other hand, you can modify the melody to suit your needs.

Features of GRX70QA IBANEZ

  • Maple throat. The brilliant tone quality and solidity of the Maple’s neck are provided.
  • Tremolo bridge T106. With its six independent saddles, the T106 tremolo bridge allows for easy and exact adjustment of each string’s height and intonation.
  • An output jack for a mono unit.
  • R H-H pickups infinity R.
  • The Jazz Board.
best electric guitars


  • The guitar produces beautiful music;
  • The fret edges are smoother;
  • The fit and finish are superb; the control knobs are incredibly responsive and easy to change;


  • Humbuckers are mediocre;
  • Modifications are necessary


How can I tell if the electric guitar I own is of high quality?

To put it simply, there should be two types of best electric guitars that are ideal for beginners: It should have the tone you want (e.g., can you fret the strings easily, how high off the fretboard are the strings, how does it sound when plugged into an amp?) And feels nice in your hands, especially the neck.

What should I look for in an electric guitar before purchasing?

When purchasing the best electric guitars for a novice, you should take these four major criteria into account.
· Dimensions and Mass. A tiny guitar like a minis is a great option if you’re buying one for a young child under the age of twelve because of its:
· Pickups;
·  Tremolo;
·  Style.

Do all electric guitars sound different?

You’ll find no guitar in the world that will produce the same sound as another one. Multiple factors go into the best electric guitar sound. The distinct sound produced by the best electric guitar will differ and rely heavily on the amplifier, the string you’ll be using, and what your guitar is made of.

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