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7 Best Cheap Guitar Pedals for Budget-Friendly Effects in 2024

Best cheap guitar pedals

Explore a curated selection of the best cheap guitar pedals to enhance your sound without breaking the bank. 


If you’ve got a chunk of extra money and want to boost your guitar sound, grabbing one of the best cheap guitar pedals is a short and easy manner to do it. These days, you don’t need to lay out a fortune to feature a brand-new measurement for your tune. About a decade ago, the pedal alternatives were restricted and high priced, but now, you may snag a price range-pleasant pedal for the price of only some guitar cables. The selections are abundant whether you are into modulation effects, effective fuzz, or classic unit replicas.

In a brand new marketplace, there may be a plethora of right-great but low-priced stompboxes to discover. We’ve compiled a listing of the best cheap guitar pedals to simplify your search. Many manufacturers provide many models, so if you are still looking for exactly what you’re looking for, check out their different services.

For more excellent steerage on making the right choice, we’ve covered a few expert recommendations on quitting this manual. If you are equipped to dive into the goods, just keep scrolling.

 best cheap guitar pedals available in 2024

  1. Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz
  2.  NUX Horseman
  3. TC Electronic June 60
  4. Mosky Deluxe Preamp
  5. TC Electronic Echobrain
  6. Mooer Black Secret
  7. Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini

Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz


  • Type: Fuzz pedal
  • Bypass: Buffered

The Boss FZ-2 fuzz pedal has been a regular subject of discussion and requests for a Waza Craft reissue. Initially, a modernized Univox Super Fuzz presenting switchable modes and a -band EQ, the FZ-2 was discontinued within the late 90s, leaving fanatics longing for its return.

Despite persistent pleas, Boss has refrained from liberating a reissue, with speculations circulating about providing the proper transistors as a possible hurdle. This selection has best been introduced to the pedal’s cult recognition over time as the best cheap guitar pedals.

Fortunately, for those craving the FZ-2 experience, Behringer has stepped in with its model – the SF300. This pedal closely replicates the FZ-2, offering an alternative for lovers. Additionally, for those inclined toward DIY projects, there are online publications to rehouse the SF300’s internals into a more robust metal enclosure, providing a satisfying project for pedal lovers.


  • Classic doom fuzz sounds
  • We’re nonetheless ready on an FZ-2 reissue


  • Plastic enclosure

 NUX Horseman


  • Type: Overdrive/boost
  • Bypass: True/Buffer

Meet the Horseman, a pedal that pays homage to the legendary Klon Centaur. Despite having just three knobs, it surprises me with its versatility and clever layout.

The footswitch adds an exciting twist, permitting you to toggle between the Gold and Silver versions of the Centaur. While the disparities between the originals may not be giant, the Horseman’s Silver mode can provide a touch of extra gain and a diffused raise inside the mids/excessive mids.

This pedal’s flexibility shines as it can be a clean enhancement, function as a sincere distortion/overdrive, or craft the ones coveted on-the-side-of-breakup tones. Notably, it harmonizes nicely with various amps and seamlessly integrates with other pedals in your setup. If you’re in the marketplace for a price range-pleasant choice that captures the essence of the Klon, the Horseman is sincerely well worth exploring as the best cheap guitar pedals.


  • Clever design
  •  Versatile 
  •  Compact 


  • It gets a bit noisy when you grow to become up

TC Electronic June 60


  • Type: Analogue chorus
  • Bypass: True

Chorus pedals are a vital addition to any pedalboard, presenting a sweeping and dynamic impact that could raise each smooth and pushed tone. This versatile effect has garnered desire across genres, from metal to jazz. It is one of the best cheap guitar pedals.

One standout option is the TC Electronic June 60 when trying to find a cheap refrain pedal. Beyond its finances-pleasant fee, this pedal boasts an antique-inspired look that belies its cost. Its analog circuit, meticulously designed to copy the different refrain sounds of the Roland Juno 60 synthesizer, sets it apart.

Despite its affordability, the TC Electronic June 60 does have some nuances. It may not seamlessly translate to each guitar setup, and it gives the most straightforward modes compared to competitors, just like the Boss DC-2, which provides 4. This method means that, on occasion, you may find barriers in adjusting the depth and charge of the chorus effect.

However, the TC Electronic June 60 stands out because of its cost of cash. Priced at a third of the fee of the DC-2W reissue, it gives guitarists a risk to explore a unique style of chorus pedal without breaking the bank. So, while it can have some change-offs, the TC Electronic June 60 gives an enticing choice for the ones seeking a low-cost but memorable chorus to enjoy.


  • Looks tremendous 


  • Limited control over parameters

Mosky Deluxe Preamp


  • Type: Dual overdrive
  • Bypass: True

The Mosky Deluxe is a scouse borrower, even in the realm of the best cheap guitar pedals. It serves just like the Lovepedal Amp eleven, replicating the famend Paul Cochrane Timmy for its center power circuit; this pedal gives a versatile and punchy two-footswitch overdrive.

On the left aspect, you may discover a Timmy with diode-switching options, while the proper side functions as an Electra overdrive similar to the Lovepedal Amp eleven. The introduced switch provides the power to cast off the clipping diodes, remodeling them into a clean enhancement instead of a second drive degree. Combining this punching energy into a compact enclosure with a similarly diminutive fee tag, the Mosky Deluxe seems too appropriate.


  • 2 stage drive
  •  Tiny enclosure
  •  The main drive level is a Timmy clone


  • Not for high-advantage sounds

TC Electronic Echobrain


  • Type: Analogue chorus
  • Bypass: True

When it involves mini-sized analog postpone pedals, there are numerous options at a similar price point to the best cheap guitar pedals. However, opting for slightly considerable delays can offer the gain of being capable of tweaking controls effortlessly at some point in stay performances.

In this context, the TC Echobrain is a delightful unit. Its controls are intuitively designed, presenting a wide range for creating runaway oscillations and venturing into psychedelic sonic territory. This function is valuable for musicians looking to infuse their performances with experimental and unconventional sounds.

However, the attraction of the TC Echobrain extends beyond its capacity for generating bizarre repeats. This pedal can provide abundance for those searching for a reliable, warm analog delay sound. Its sonic palette is flexible, catering to the experimentalist seeking out specific textures and the participant searching for a robust and classic analog postponed tone. With the TC Echobrain, you no longer only get a laugh of exploration but also the reliability of a warm and wealthy analog wait experience.


  • Great center sound
  •  Lots of amusement to be had with car-oscillation


  • Not Larger enclosure won’t be your factorfor high-advantage sounds

Mooer Black Secret


  • Type: Distortion
  • Bypass: True

While we have not personally dissected the Black Secret distortion best cheap guitar pedals, online discussions advocate that it homes a floor-mount LM-308 op-amp, the equal component determined within the original ProCo RAT pedal. The LM-308’s gradual slew charge is noteworthy, leading to a nearly triangular-wave clipping at higher gain levels. This characteristic contributes to the distinct and particularly sought-after sound of vintage RATs. If undoubtedly genuine, this inclusion within the Black Secret makes it an excellent extra engaging good buy.

Even without the LM-308, the Black Secret stands out as a miniature beast with a powerful punch. The pedal offers a transfer among conventional and turbo modes, and in the traditional mode, it showcases an excellent range, spanning from mild dirt to a full-bore sonic storm. Whether or not it homes the LM-308, the Black Secret seems poised to supply a versatile and impactful distortion in a compact package.


  • Small size
  •  Huge sound


  • Not for blues gamers

Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini


  • Type: Overdrive
  • Bypass: True

The Ibanez Tube Screamer stands tall as an icon inside the pedal international, and rightfully so. This emerald-colored stompbox has the extraordinary potential to tighten up unruly metallic amps, drive tube amps into herbal overdrives, or even introduce a hint of dirt to a smooth tone.

Enter the Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini, a finances-pleasant gem that nearly mirrors the price of a few Tube Screamer imitations, the best cheap guitar pedals. Despite its compact size, this pedal encapsulates the authentic TS-808 sound and functions as a bypass switch. The miniature footprint ensures you no longer get the coveted Tube Screamer tone but also shop valuable areas in your pedalboard. It’s a good buy that grants iconic sound without compromise. What’s no longer to like?


  • The original and pleasant TS
  •  Cool enclosure
  •  Budget brilliance from a giant logo


  • Avoid if you do not like an excessive amount of mid-range


The hunt for the proper tone regularly leads musicians to discover diverse, best, cheap guitar pedals in the track sector. Fortunately, the market now gives many lower-priced alternatives that do not compromise satisfaction. The abovementioned choices, from refrain to distortion to postpone, demonstrate that superb sound doesn’t continually include a hefty rate tag. Whether you’re a seasoned player or simply starting your musical journey, those price range-pleasant pedals provide a fantastic access factor to decorate your sound.


What are the blessings of buying the best cheap guitar pedals?

Cheap guitar pedals offer an accessible manner for musicians to test specific sounds without breaking the bank. They are price range-friendly, making them ideal for beginners or those seeking to extend their pedal collection with limited funding.

What makes an incredible, reasonably-priced guitar pedal?

A first-rate cheap guitar pedal combines affordability with the best sound and sturdiness. Look for pedals that supply their supposed results, have stable production, and complement your playing fashion and musical choices.

Are reasonably priced guitar pedals a false economy?

Only sometimes. While some highly low-price alternatives may additionally sacrifice build-best or sound constancy, many low-priced pedals offer super performance. It’s crucial to analyze and read evaluations to find reliable brands and models that balance affordability and excellence.

Can reasonably-priced guitar pedals compete with more significantly high-priced opposite numbers?

Yes, in many instances, cheap guitar pedals can compete with more costly counterparts. Advances in manufacturing and technology have allowed price range-pleasant pedals to provide superb sound and capabilities comparable to their pricier opposite numbers.

How do I choose the proper cheap guitar pedal for my wishes?

Consider your musical fashion, the precise effects you seek out, and the overall first-rate construct of the pedal. Read critiques, watch demos, and, if viable, try out the pedal earlier than purchasing to ensure it aligns with your choices and requirements.

Are there any drawbacks to the use of reasonably-priced guitar pedals?

While many cheap guitar pedals offer extraordinary prices, a few might also lack certain features or have a shorter lifespan than better-cease alternatives. Balancing budget concerns and the particular necessities of your gambling fashion and setup is crucial.

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