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Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1,000 2023

Best Acoustic Guitars

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1,000 2023: Get exceptional Tone for much less

For those with a little extra cash to spend on an acoustic guitar. You have access to some gorgeous instruments right now! We believe these to be the greatest acoustic guitars under $1,000 for a variety of factors.

Rock strong construction, excellent hardware, and fantastic tone are just a few examples. Those who can afford these acoustic guitars under $1,000 will benefit from a better overall experience as a result.

Although they require a bit more of an investment, the acoustic guitars under $1,000 category are of good quality. Therefore, it’s a good idea to know what you’re obtaining. You can use this guide to discover the ideal guitar for your requirements.

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000

Every time the acoustic guitar brands improve, and the selection of instruments available makes it difficult to pick just one.

The majority of the producers are true masters of their trade, but a select few will stand out slightly more than the rest. These are the ones that we pay attention to and are undoubtedly delighted to discover the acoustic guitars under $1,000.

Top Choices

Let’s look at the models we consider to be the best.

Seagull S6 Original

Build Excellence

The Seagull S6 Original is renowned for being built with top-notch materials. The top of the guitar is made of gorgeous genuine cedar. Then spruce scalloped internal bracing is used to support this. A warm, full-bodied tone with outstanding loudness projection and sustain is produced by this combination.

Sides and back are made with wild cherry. Even though this tonewood is less prevalent, it nonetheless contributes to the guitar’s well-balanced sound. The binding on the top and sides is another feature. This feature gave it a polished appearance.


The Seagull S6 Original acoustic guitars under $1,000 has a comfortable playing design! Chord fretting is made simple by the guitar’s compact, tapered neck profile and smooth fretboard. While the size and shape of the body make playing a comfortable experience. No matter if you’re standing or sitting. It is quite light for everyone as well.

Friction is further decreased by the neck’s gleaming satin finish. This facilitates navigating the fretboard. Playing the guitar is easy without sacrificing loudness or tone. Primarily due of its clever arrangement and modest motion.

What is it for?

For beginners and intermediate musicians, the Seagull S6 is a special guitar that is ideal. Some athletes have compared it to pricey Martin’s or Taylor’s.  It’s the greatest acoustic guitars under $1,000.

One acoustic that may be utilized for a variety of musical styles is this one. And fingerpicking is included. Let’s discuss some pros and Cones of this wonderful acoustic guitar, which are following


  • Construction hardware and materials.
  • A rich, well-balanced sound.
  • Simple to play.
  • Produced in America.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • Various S6 models are available


  • If you do not own one yet, that could be a problem!


Cost and Value

The Canadian-made Seagull guitars have a limited lifetime warranty. For an acoustic that sounds and plays this beautifully, this is absolutely amazing. This offer is just unbeatable. They still play and sound fine after 20 years of ownership for certain players.

This instrument is now listed for just under $800. I think this is a great deal, and you won’t regret buying it.

Final Thoughts

One great instrument is the Seagull S6! It has a tone that comes alive, and I would characterize it as having a large sound while being delicate. This guitar’s wood selections are somewhat unusual, which results in a warmth and depth of tone that is extremely rich but lively and well-balanced.

The fingerboard of the maple neck is constructed of rosewood. The S6 has a 25.5-inch scale length and a somewhat bigger fretboard, yet it’s remarkably simple to play. This steel-string acoustic guitar is of the dreadnought style, thus it also has good loudness projection.

Ovation Mod TX 2078TX-5

The 2078TX-5 is another outstanding acoustic guitars under $1,000 produced by Ovation. An excellent definition and crisp, clear sound are provided by the deep contour style. It performs superbly as well.


A deep contour is the name given to this particular body type. It has a solid Sitka spruce top and scalloped bracing. It produces a sound that is clean, balanced, and has strong volume projection. The multi-port sound holes add to the tone in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. All receiving little feedback.

In person, the stunning black finish is even more stunning. It gives the instrument a premium appearance. It has a cut-away that proved useful for working on the upper frets and is comfortable to handle.


This guitar has a 22-fret maple neck. It’s incredibly cozy and enjoyable to use. It resembles an electric neck more than an acoustic one. The motions are well timed, and pressing the strings on a breeze. It is fantastic to play and the right size for everyone’s hands. The neck profile is also fantastic.

Exemplary performance

The sound of Ovation is astounding. The soundboard is slightly enlarged by the lower bout. The music seems to be better projected because of this, and it sounds pretty full. The sound is quite dynamic, articulate, and clear, making for a pleasurable listening experience.

The Fender Acoustasonic 90 amplifier was used to test the guitar’s circuitry. It had some reverb and was slightly bright. The Mod TX sounded excellent when used with the amp’s built-in pickup. The guitar itself features excellent built-in EQ and volume settings. As well as the amp could, it could change the sounds.


  • Superior materials.
  • Stunning audio.
  • Integrated electronics.
  • Simple neck to play.
  • Attractive.
  • The cutaway.


  • A few players have had electronics problems

Final Verdict for Mod TX 2078TX-5

If you’re looking for an acoustic, this is a great choice of acoustic guitars under $1,000. The playability and comfort are excellent. The pickup system is lush and dazzling, and the electronics are also excellent. Both the built-in tuner and the EQ are very useful features to have. For acoustic guitars under $1,000, I thought the tuner was pretty accurate.

The EQ system had a wide range and was also quite responsive. To quickly make little modifications, it’s excellent to have this right on the instrument. You can make them without having to walk back to your amplifier.

I heartily recommend this acoustic guitars under $1,000 as one of the best choices in this price range! It was more versatile and comfy than the others we tested.

Taylor 214ce

Another fantastic offering from Taylor is the 214ce acoustic guitars under $1,000! Is cozy, adaptable, and sounds fantastic! Great value for the money!

The Sitka spruce top of the 214ce is laminated with koa on the sides and back. It is designed to produce a tonal response that is both clear and well-balanced. A 25.5-inch scale length Ebony fingerboard is mounted on the Sapele neck.

The guitar has a Venetian cutaway, a gloss finish, and an integrated ES2 electronic system. One of the most popular models in this price category, this is the real deal, and for good reason.

Exemplary performance

The tone that this guitar produces is what makes it so well-liked. This concert features the excellent acoustics for which Taylor is renowned. The sound is rich, robust, and full when it isn’t amplified. Each strum feels good under your arm as it reverberates.


  • Superior-quality materials.
  • A rich, harmonious tone.
  • Simple to play.
  • Excellent electronic system.
  • Excellent set of strings are included.
  • Perfect for a variety of playing styles.


  • A guitar might need to be set up right away.

Final Thoughts

This guitar is fantastic and lives up to the promise. The guitar’s electronics are excellent, and the tone knob offers a lot of control. It would have been nice if it had a tuner. That is the only thing I feel it would have lacked in comparison to certain other guitars on the market.

Overall though, it has everything else, and getting to test it out was a tremendous treat. The upper frets could be reached because to the beautiful cutaway, which was also quite practical. It’s convenient to be able to use more of the fretboard because the guitar sounds and plays so beautifully. This is one of the wonderful options of acoustic guitars under $1,000.

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