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4 best acoustic guitar pickups and their features in 2023: A complete Guide for you

One of the Best acoustic guitar pickups can improve the tonality of your most recent recording or elevate a dull-sounding piezo pickup to new heights. They are a no-brainer for the musician wishing to upgrade their instrument without purchasing a brand-new one because they are easier to install than you may imagine and can greatly enhance the plugged-in sound of your acoustic guitar.

Best acoustic guitar pickups work similarly to electric guitars in that they take the sound of your acoustic guitar and transform it into a signal that can be amplified. Converting and boosting the tone of an acoustic guitar since, in contrast to electric guitars, these instruments have a rich, dramatic unplugged tone that is greatly influenced by the resonance of the instrument.

Best acoustic guitar pickups come in three primary varieties: magnetic, piezo, and microphone. Each has a unique tone and pickup mechanism.

You’ve made the decision to purchase the Best acoustic guitar pickups, so the next step is to choose the best one for you. This tutorial tries to outline some of the factors you should take into account before selecting an acoustic pickup, as well as offer some fantastic options if you’re ready to make the purchase. With so many various brands and methods available.

4 best acoustic guitar pickups

1. Fishman’s Rare Earth

For a considerable amount of time, Fishman’s Rare Earth sound hole pickup has been a mainstay in the industry. Its several iterations have provided a plethora of opportunities for acoustic musicians worldwide.

Revoiced and retuned, this latest version of the Rare Earth humbucker has a deliciously smooth treble response, something that many acoustic pickups find difficult to do. The Rare Earth, an active humbucker with a neodymium magnet, maintains the warmth and richness of your acoustic tone while providing amazing string balance and dazzling clarity.

The Rare Earth is a simple preamp; nonetheless, if something is working well, leave it alone. One of the preamp’s greatest features is really its low-current design, which enables a battery life of up to 300 hours. The revised mounting mechanism makes installation simple, and the Rare Earth is a terrific option for anyone looking to add the assurance of an industry-leading brand to their pickup.

Important Features

  • Humbucking,
  • Active
  • Neodymium magnets
best acoustic guitar pickups


  • Stereo wiring is included, although it also functions with a mono jack.
  • The sound is amazing; you can tweak the quantity of magnetic and mic signal.
  • To have that presence without running the danger of a lot of feedback or stage issues,
  • mix in the mic signal with slightly less output than the magnetic one.


  • The guitar’s battery installation is a little fragile.

2. LR Baggs Anthem Mic/Pickup System 

Warmth and clarity akin to the promise of the best of both worlds are produced when a piezo and a microphone are combined into one system. And this is the closest we’ve heard to that ideal situation when it comes to retrofit Best acoustic guitar pickups. By capturing more soundboard detail, the Tru-Mic technology used here produces a far more open sound than certain mic blend systems, which sometimes have a boxy character.

The Element piezo pickup is installed beneath the bridge saddle and may be purchased separately. The mic is positioned three millimeters from the guitar top, and the two sources can be combined or separated according to your preferences using a mix control.

Important features:

  • battery check,
  • under-saddle piezo-style pickup,
  • TRU, MIC technology, and
  • soundhole-mounted controller
best acoustic guitar pickups


  • Effective noise cancellation in the background
  • Wide tonal range


  • You will almost certainly need to make setup adjustments
  • There are no settings for tone or mix

3. Mojotone’s Quiet Coil NC-1

Anyone who is tired of their instrument’s characteristics being altered by Best acoustic guitar pickups should definitely consider Mojotone’s Quiet Coil NC-1. We believe Mojotone’s reasoning for having “solved the soundhole pickup problem” is rather strong.

As its name implies, the Quiet Coil NC-1 cancels out noise. It’s ideal for both live and studio use since it features a 6V active preamp that provides the power needed to reduce unwanted noise and feedback. With two brilliant LED warning lights and a 1,000-hour lifespan for the two CR2032 batteries, you won’t ever be caught off guard by a dead battery.

Specifically voiced and EQ’d like a microphone, the NC-1 highlights the true, unadulterated acoustic tone of your guitar. Additionally, the lack of movable polepieces and the requirement for certain NC-1-friendly strings stem from the design’s emphasis on ideal string balance and volume with bronze or phosphor bronze strings.

Moreover, it is small and light, so your picking hand can continue working without interference. Though it is only available in the US at this time, the NC-1 is still a great choice for anyone looking for the Best acoustic guitar pickups.

Important Features

  • Produces a beautiful, genuine acoustic sound thanks to its noise-cancelling and “mic-voiced” pre-amp architecture.
  • Tone and Voice.
  • Perfect & Balance.
  • Feedback and noise resistant.
  • Simple & Lightweight.
  • Friendly and Ergonomic.
  • Power and Practicality.
  • Installation and Excellence.
best acoustic guitar pickups


  • Sound extremely balanced, acoustic, and natural
  • Simple installation


  • No one

4. Dimarzio the Black Angel

The Black Angel is a compelling figure. It is an easy-to-mount setup that is straightforward and non-intrusive in the soundhole. In order to lessen finger squeak, the construction includes two coils with rare earth magnetic cores that are positioned parallel to the strings and have an acoustically isolated magnetic circuit.

The Black Angel is magnetic, but don’t let that turn you off—it’s quiet and absorbs effects nicely. The best part is that it contains a phase switch that makes it possible to mix it with multiple sources without any problems. It’s perfect for anyone seeking for something to go with their transducer or piezos. Other than that, it’s a Best acoustic guitar pickups —albeit an expensive one.

Important features

  • an integrated phase switch,
  • a hum-cancelling magnetic sound hole pickup,
  • an installable 1-to 1-four-inch Switch craft endpin connection,
  • and a quick-mount 10-foot cable.
best acoustic guitar pickups


  • There are no settings for tone or mix
  • Phase-switching for several pickup systems
  • canceling hum
  • Simple to set up


  • Less expensive passive pickups are available.


And there you have it, people! This tutorial was intended to educate you on the various kinds of the Best acoustic guitar pickups that are currently on the market, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each one!

Will this be a live performance? A do-it-yourself project, that is? You on a tight budget? With any luck, this post has addressed all of your inquiries and brought you one step closer to locating the Best acoustic guitar pickups system!


How is the pickup on an acoustic guitar made?

Magnetic acoustic guitar pickups use a coil to detect and convert the magnetic vibrations of the strings into music, much like electric guitar pickups do. Usually, they are “clipped on” to the sound hole’s edges beneath the strings.

Can I upgrade my acoustic guitar with a pickup?

Nevertheless, a few of these pickups feature tone and volume knobs that are accessible via the sound hole. It is now necessary to install them. It’s important to find a level place for the adhesive strips while being cautious not to touch the body’s bars and struts.

What distinguishes a better guitar pickup?

The type, size, and arrangement of the magnet(s) in your pickup, along with its insulation, winding pattern around the bobbins, and number of turns, all have a significant impact on the sound quality of the instrument, regardless of whether you go with a single coil, humbucker, active, or passive setup.

Which acoustic guitar pick should I use?

Thin gauge picks are the most popular for acoustic guitars, yet selecting the perfect pick for you is quite subjective and individual. These are any pick that is smaller than.75mm, give or take. This is because the flexibility of thin picks makes strumming more manageable

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